Looking for a way to increase your online sales? Maybe it is time to change your ecommerce template! Here are 5 great ecommerce websites templates from Wix to consider!

Are you ready to launch your new online store? If you are, using Wix as a website builder and an ecommerce website platform is really a smart choice. Not only it is a reliable ecommerce platform and allows everyone to set up an online store, it offers great ecommerce websites templates that can help you design the online store of your dreams. If you want to find the best looking themes, this is perfect for you.

The first thing you need to do is choose one of the amazing ecommerce websites templates and start personalizing your store. There is one problem a lot of users face – choosing the best template for their store. Yes, there are a lot of great themes to choose from and sometimes this makes the process time-consuming and challenging.

We have decided to help you out! We are going to present you some of the best ecommerce websites templates that will not only make your online store looks great but will also motivate your customers to purchase your products. Let’s start:

1. Fashion Designer Boutique Template – WIth a clean and professional design, this theme will help you create the best online store possible. The menu at the top right makes space for what really customers want to see. High-quality and extra large photos from your products on the homepage are perfect for those brands that sell items with information and details that must be seen. You will also notice a social touch or an ability to connect your store to your Instagram store. You should never forget the power of social media.

2. Poster Shop Template – If you want your products to stand out and if you want to attract the attention of your potential buyers, a white background is all you need. This is the perfect ecommerce website template for your brand, especially if you love pastel colors and stylish font. Selling a wide range of items? Don’t worry, the option to filter and sort the items allows your visitors to sort the items by price range, product name, and color, and make their shopping experience unforgettable.

3. Stationery Online Store Template – A theme with a homepage as friendly and welcoming as this is definitely going to attract your potential buyers. Colorful and vivid product photos will help take your store to the next level for sure. You can also notice the power of white background which is ideal for putting the spotlight on the products you offer.

4- Home Accessories Template – If you want to give your customers a different and yet positive shopping experience, this amazing template gives you chance to escape to a tropical heaven with the energizing and vibrant colors. You could really take advantage of the unique and eye-catching design and show off the products you sell. The simplicity of the design combined with the vivid colors gives the layout the dimension required to be an online success.

5- Outdoor Bags Template – For all the adventure-lovers out there! This is a chance for you to show how great and unique your business and products are. This amazing template has a special vibe that allows all viewers feel as if they are deeply involved in nature. If you want to keep things fresh, present all the important information and details about your products to your customers – this is the perfect ecommerce website template for you.

Are you ready to bring your brand, online store, and products to life? Pick one of these amazing ecommerce websites templates Wix offers and create your own stunning online store today!